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Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Listen to your body-

What you crave may be pointing towards a deficiency your body has,

or be showing you an allergy you have. An interesting list is compiled here- of unusual things people crave.

Look, is this you?

food cravings and allergies

Causes of Common Food Cravings

Acid or sour food craving- Body is full of toxins

Alcohol as a food craving- Imbalanced brain chemicals or mineral deficiencies

Baked goods food craving- yeast, wheat allergy, emotional, lack of love

Beef - food craving- Body low in phosphorus

Beverages as a food craving- Phosphorus deficiency

Bones- Calcium deficiency

Bread – food craving- yeast infection or wheat allergy

Caffeine – food craving- Adrenal exhaustion

Carbohydrates – food craving- Yeast or eating triggered by specific emotions or brain hormone imbalances

Cheese – food craving- Yeast infection, sulfite allergy (orange cheeses)

Chemicals- (gasoline fumes, chlorine or petrochemicals)- allergy to those

Chalk or Plaster- Calcium deficiency

Chocolate – food craving- Cocoa allergy, lack of love, craving more phenylalanine (the love hormone), hormonal imbalances

Cold weather or prior to rain storms- Mold allergies

Food Cravings, same time every day- decreased serotonin

Food Cravings, about the same time each day-Cortisone cyclic rhythm changes.

Food Cravings, winter months- Possible mold allergies

Food Cravings, night- Allergy withdrawal signs or decreased adrenal function

Dirt or Clay- Mineral or trace mineral deficiency

Fatigue/Insomnia, cravings with- Low energy, adrenal exhaustion

Feces- Cow poop, Horse poop- Enzyme deficiency or trace minerals

Feces- Dog poop (as a dog)- Improper potty training by humans

Fish and Shrimp – food craving- Iodine deficiency, hypothyroidism

Ice Cubes- Iron or B6 deficiency

Ice Cream food craving - Calcium deficiency, yeast

Licorice – food craving- Salt and/or water deficiency (Licorice increases retention of water therefore leading to High Blood Pressure)

Food craving of midnight snacks - try eating frozen foods like melon/grapefruit

Milk – food craving- Low calcium, diminished parathyroid function, poss. yeast

Nutritional supplements, cravings with- wrong type of supplements

Orange Juice – food craving- Allergic addiction to same

Pepper, Black- as a food craving- Chromium or chromium picolinate deficiency

Peanut Butter – food craving- Possible mold/mildew allergies

PMS, cravings from- Decreased progesterone, Trace mineral or vitamin deficiencies.

Pregnancy, cravings during- Zinc deficiency

Food craving of salt- Sodium deficiency or decreased sensitivity to salt

Smoking, cravings with- Nicotine is suppressing insulin levels

Soda Pop – food craving- Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium imbalances.

Sugar – food craving- Corn allergy, Yeast infection

Water- Diabetes, Addisons disease

Water- Craving at night- Salt deficiency (Try Celtic Sea Salt)

Reference: No More Cravings by Douglas Hunt, MD. c.1987 and Dr. Denise Moffat


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