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Patients speak on Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Emotional Clearing Therapies, Laser, Allergy Elimination, and more.

We could tell you what the holistic healing experience at Mountain Dove Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona is like, but we’re going to let our patients do it for us!

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Open energy flows with Network Chiropractic

“This is the single most important thing that has changed my life.” JK

“No more pain! The first time in twenty years!” WM


“My life took a dramatic jump into the light through your work and your love.” AV


“I have a lot of faith in Dr. Viafora. My whole family receives Network care to stay happy, healthy and harmonious.” GL


“The treatments facilitated by you have been the most remarkable journey to the heart for me. You have facilitated movement in my life on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, and the result has been remarkable. Where life used to be rigid, there is now fluidity—of thoughts, feelings, and awareness—such as I have never experienced before.” SJ

“I feel like an angel has touched me,” AB


“After living with the results of a ski accident (40 years ago) plus a car accident (whiplash – 30 years ago), I’m beginning to come alive physically now. These treatments are really changing my whole body. Dr. Jan is incredible at what  she does.” JP

“It’s so great to be able to move my neck after nearly 4 years! PC

“I experience a continuous refinement of my nervous system with NSA—more and deeper relaxation and a deeper attunement to myself and life at large.” RV

 It's like being set free.” ST

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“Your approach to educating people, as well as treating them is admirable and inspiring. You have helped me enormously in welcoming a new level of well being to my life.” SB

“My breath is so much fuller, and my life is fuller, too.” AL


“This is a painless, profound way to clear the nervous system. I recommend it for everyone.” BL

"I thought I was going to have to have surgery for my low back because the pain was so severe and relentless. I can't believe I am hiking and in no pain after receiving the gentle chiropractic methods at Mountain Dove Healing in Sedona, Arizona!:KW

"This form of chiropractic is a "Wow" for me. I feel so good after treatments. It really increases my quality of life." KT

"Dr. Viafora is the best chiropractor in Sedona and best healer I have ever been to!" T.W.

"I do not think I would be here today if it wasn't for Dr. Jan and the Network sessions I have received from her." NH



"Last time I got EFT with Dr. Jan Viafora in Sedona, I felt so good for months! I have traveled a great distance to see her again." C.L.

“Wow- that was a 10 out of 10. You hit it the nail on the head when you muscle tested me for the cause of my emotional stuckness. You got me figured out, and I got a lot more self-awareness. That was really good. You really helped me uncover the truth.”  JM

“That EFT session changed my life more than anything I have ever done. You have no idea what your healing expertise has meant to me.” JK

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and NET

“This is such an amazing and effective way to change behavior and old programming. It has helped my anxiety and fears tremendously.

Out of all the types of therapy I have tried, this has helped me the most. Dr. Viafora is excellent in finding buried programs in us, and then helping us clear them completely. The benefits are very long-lasting. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after the last session. PM


"I have no words to describe what this week has meant to me receiving NET. It was way more than I expected, I learned so much about myself, and feel really empowered to make big changes when I go home. I feel SOOOO much better!" AW


"I came to Sedona specifically for a Healing Intensive at Mountain Dove. I received Acupuncture and an Emotional Clearing session. It was profound, and a big gift to myself. I felt an immediate shift." AW

"The Acupuncture I received at Mountain Dove Healing Center really worked to bring relief from pain and tension- and I loved how relaxing it was!" D.P.

"I get alot of severe headaches. I have been to many different doctors, and tried many different thing. Still I was suffering. I had been experiencing a debilitating headache for 4 days straight when I saw Dr. Jan Viafora in Sedona for Acupuncture. To my amazement, my headache went away while she was treating me! It hasn't come back for a month, except for once- very mild for a few hours, and I think that was because I was dehydrated, I am so thankful for the Acupuncture I received at Mountain Dove Healing Center" B.H.

“I’ll always remember Mountain Dove Healing Center, as it brought me much help and relief and it gave me a new outlook on myself and my life." E.A.

“I came from out of town to see Dr. Jan, and I thought I came in to see her for one thing- but  something totally different than I expected turned out to be the origin of my problem. I know it was right on because I felt so much lighter and clearer right away, and then I lost 100 lbs. within a year after our treatment. I trace it all to that clearing we did.”  CT

"The Acupuncture I received at Mountain Dove In Sedona did wonders for my back pain, and I also feel a greater sense of well-being all over." A.L.



“I’m so amazed! Last year at this time I was sneezing so much from allergies and had such a sinus headache that I couldn’t sleep at night. This spring, a branch fell on my head while doing yard work and pollen poured on my head. No symptoms!” BH

“After being treated with Dr. Jan I notice no more dizziness from an allergy to the formaldehyde in plastics. I can eat anything now, and I can even DRINK MILK! I have more energy and am more positive. I am a lot less depressed.” KD


“I was allergic to ALOT- Dr. Jan’s allergy work and Network chiropractic have helped me more than anything else I have ever tried. I wish I had done this a long time ago. Now I eat anything I want —with NO NEGATIVE REACTION! (I use to be able to eat only rice). I no longer take the many, many vitamins, herbs, homeopathics and medicines that I use to take. They were so hard to take and made me sick. I am more at peace now, and happier. I think I am going through a transformation—at my age!! This has been just fabulous!” EH

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Allergy elimination freedom from allergies

“I had such fatigue- I was too tired to do anything. It was getting worse for a year. After the Bax Aura treatments, I am much better. I wake up sometimes at 7:00 am, with energy, ready to go. I can go out and do so many more things, and feel well enough to take a trip I never dreamed I would feel good enough to take.” KY

"Thank God for Dr. Viafora at Mountain Dove Healing Center. I was going to have to move out of Sedona because of allergies, but now I can stay!" S.D.

My fibromyalgia and depression was so bad that I could hardly get out of bed to see Dr. Jan. The pain was excruciating and I didn’t think I could live with it. Now I have energy to actually take college courses. Today, I actually jumped in a dance class. I haven’t “jumped” in 20 years! I actually washed my entire car without pain. This is a first for me. I am doing SOOOO much better, and even emotionally feel strong and happy. My friend’s think I’m a different person.” CA

“I have had environmental and cat allergies all my life- so bad that I have ended up in the emergency room on several occasions.  I was always congested. I have asthma and am on many medications. These allergies affected my life emotionally because I was never relaxed. I worried about the next asthma attack. Now, after the Bax Aura treatments, I am very relaxed, focused, emotionally happy, and I can breathe! I can be in the same room with cats, pet them, and have four sit next to me. They have even licked me! This is incredible! This has changed my life, in so many ways!” LS

“I have had allergies every Fall for 18 years. I have tried many doctors and drugs without success. I started treatments in August and since that time I have not had one allergy symptom. This is the first time in 18 years that I have felt this good at this time of year. No more "fogged in" feeling. I have been amazed at my overall energy and general well being." MA

“I came in with depression and anxiety. I had three treatments and I was very surprised how much better I felt after each treatment. Now, I feel like a new woman! ” EU

Seasonal Allergy help in Sedona, AZ

“I am very grateful to Dr. Jan for the life-changing healing that is happening.  In the past (for over 16 years now) I have had severe reactions to gasoline, car & truck fumes, lawnmowers, grills, etc.—basically to any petroleum-related product. This would usually strike within seconds of exposure—severe dizziness, physical tremors, foggy brain and more. Headaches always followed. After treatment for the allergy to petroleum, gasoline & related byproducts, the results were immediate & actually startling to me. It’s really incredible to now be able to say, “Oh, it just smells bad,” and have no reaction! I no longer have to get my entire system upset & on overload when I’m behind a stinky car. Believe me, this is truly a significant change. I’m looking forward to even more freedom in my life, as Dr. Jan keeps treating me to clear what hinders and harms.” ES

“It’s amazing to me how we cope with limitations and hassles of our allergies. At the grocery store, for many years now, I’ve avoided the detergent & cleaner aisles. Frequently, I’ve had to ask store workers to get a product for me. If I did go down that aisle, I often had trouble, when I couldn’t breathe and had difficulty thinking clearly. A few days after my treatment for chemicals I breezed down two “stinky” supermarket aisles without thinking. At the end of the 2nd, I paused, turned back & realized —not one bit of reaction. Wow!  The change was dramatic for me." EV

“My allergy to sugar is now under control. The pain of fibromyalgia is much lessened. Dr. Jan detected even my fears and feeling of helplessness and treated them. Truly we store all our negativity inside our bodies and then manifest it as pain. But most remarkably- my insomnia is gone. I don’t know how long I’ve been unable to sleep well. Now I sleep very soundly. Thanks, Dr. Jan” DP


“After my first treatment, I slept through the night for the first time in months, without waking up completely congested! Thereafter my health slowly, steadily improved—I’ve regained energy, strength, vitality, mental acuity, emotional balance—and best of all, I feel like these improvements are permanent, not just some passing moment of well-being. My body is finally assimilating food as it was meant to. Dr. Jan has a tremendous healing touch and I will be forever grateful!” CV


“I’ve felt stronger overall. I had help dealing with a difficult medication I had to take. I no longer have blood sugar swings like I used to. My thinking is clearer. This work has helped with pollen/dust allergy tremendously.” BH

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