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Dr. Jan Viafora of Mountain Dove Healing Center
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Dr. Viafora offers a combination of holistic services that are all aligned with the philosophy, "When you remove the interference, the Power that made the body can heal the body." She knows that true and deep healing comes from opening the communication between body, mind and soul.

Dr. Jan Viafora is a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate, and has served Sedona, the Verde Valley, northern Arizona, and worldwide travelers to Sedona since 1984. Dr. Viafora is on the forefront of cutting edge holistic bio-energetic healing technology. Mountain Dove Healing Center sees people in all phases of health…for pain, prevention, and “beyond wellness” care.

“We’ve worked on babies, tigers, movie stars, enlightened folks, the stiff and pained, the elderly, teenagers,  and those on the verge of awakening to their potential…and now we’d like to work on you!” 

Dr. Jan started off going to art school and landed a job designing inspirational books at a publishing company. A two week trip to Paris turned into a year and a half back-packing adventure overseas. Since then she has traveled the world extensively, to places like Bali, Europe, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Greece, India, Mexico, Hawaii, and Peru. Experiences she had there redirected her purpose in life, and she later ended up graduating cum laude from chiropractic school. Her post-graduate studies have been numerous, including Acupuncture, NAET allergy elimination, techniques on how to clear emotional causes of physical problems, Network Spinal Analysis, the Impulse, and most recently the Bax Aura holistic therapeutic system.  

Adjusting a tiger at Out of Africa

All that Dr. Viafora has learned over the past three decades is incorporated into each treatment at Mountain Dove Healing Center. She offers her skills in a thorough, deep and intuitive way so your healing experience is not only to remove symptoms, but to increase your health, and connect you to the essence in you that is alive, vital, creative, and healthy.


Dr. Viafora has a passion for photography, appreciates all things natural, has been a vegetarian for decades, and admits her four children light up her life- in a big way.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

We welcome new patients!”


Dr. Viafora has published many articles on healing, For more information about the services she offers, including Healing Intensives in Sedona for out-of-town people, please go here. To make an appointment, please call (928) 284-9550.

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Dr. Jan dedicates all the healing done at Mountain Dove Healing Center to the loving memory of Dr. Marc. It is with the deepest and most profound love, honor and gratitude that she continues to carry on the work they started together.

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