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Mountain Dove Healing Center offers Cold Laser for Pain Control, Rehabilitation,

Tissue Repair and more! 

Mountain Dove Healing Center logo in Sedona, AZ





Our Pulsed Frequency Low Level Light Laser (also called a Cold Laser) is used to accelerate healing. This is an FDA approved medical device which provides an advantage in the treatment of conditions such as:




Sports Injuries

Injuries to shoulder, knee, back

Sprain, strain

Nerve root irritation


Tendon and ligament problems

Plantar fasciitis

Wound repair

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Post- operative

Tight Muscles

Scar tissue


Cold laser offered in Sedona, AZ

Lasers promote accelerated tissue repair, increases lymphatic and blood flow, decreases pain, reduces scar tissue, boosts rapid formation of collagen, regenerates tissue, increases wound healing, reduces swelling, provides beneficial effects on nerve cells, accelerates lymphatic system activity and increases formation of new capillaries and increases blood flow in damaged tissue.

Our pulsed frequency laser light also has settings for immune system building, sinusitis, post traumatic stress, sprains/strains, anxiety, infections, fatigue, cold/flu, fracture/ cut/ trauma, TMJ, toothache, elbow/ hip/ joint pain, inflammation, emotional balancing, bells palsy, neuralgia, and more!

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